Welcome to Your Inspired Heart! I would like to share with you the tools I have discovered and learned which will inspire and guide you to a place where you can live your life to its fullest.

Have you ever walked into a house or building and immediately felt uncomfortable?

Do you find that you have challenges in your environment that are holding you back in your life? 

Have you ever met someone for the first time and for some unexplained reason you didn’t like them?  

Have you forgotten how to find joy, to laugh and have fun everyday?  

If so, let me be your guide. Let’s work together and help you overcome the blocks and obstacles to find happiness in your life.

Issues and Challenges you may be facing:

  • Feeling uncomfortable in your surroundings
  • Uneasiness being in a particular space
  • Having a difficult time selling or buying a house
  • Loneliness, anger, pain or fear
  • Feeling lost and unhappy
  • Conflict within relationships

I would like to help you live your life to the fullest by:

  • Clearing the programs, issues, challenges and negative beliefs 
  • Offering Spiritual Healing Sessions, using various positive processes and techniques

May you may be blessed every day with love, joy, abundance and well-being.

Live, Love, Laugh!

Gretchen Marie Fox

Intuitive /  SRT Practitioner / Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach / Author: Raising A Child’s Awareness / Contributing Author: Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness 


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