Space / Energy Clearing

It’s all about energy.

What does that really mean?  For every experience we have as humans, we tend to respond physically, mentally and / or emotionally in some way. It leaves us with either good memories or bad memories depending upon how we view it.  Those emotions and thoughts can leave traces of energies even after we are long gone. Buildings and land could absorb this positive or negative energy. That is why you may have specific feelings when you enter a home, an office, a store or an area of nature.

Occasionally, an unwanted entity may take up residence causing discord and making us uncomfortable. Land and structures holds all that has ever happened to it – the good, the bad and the ugly.

The same is true for people. We are all connected.  When we meet each other for the first time, we may get the feeling that we have met before. There may be an instant of like or dislike depending upon past energies between us.

The good news is that all these discordant or negative energies and entities can be cleared from the buildings we live and work in and from nature, the land itself. It can be cleared between people from past and present lifetimes. Once cleared, positive energy can fill the void.

Through working with Divine Guidance, the negative and discordant energies are expelled from the land, buildings and people so all can live in peace, harmony and happiness.

Space and Energy Clearings may consist of:

Remote or on-site clearing of negative energies and entities from:

  • Buildings and Land
  • Past and Present Lifetimes
  • Individuals
  • Relationships

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