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“Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone”

I must admit that I have watched the TV show, What Not to Wear. I find it interesting how we can be so clueless when it comes to dressing ourselves in a pleasing manner. We just don’t tend to see … Continue reading

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What Now? Standing at the Crossroads

You can find your life, your passion, in the oddest of places and at the weirdest of times. It just seems to happen around a defining moment. When that happens, you do find yourself at the crossroads wondering, What Now? … Continue reading

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I See You. In You, I See Me

We all want to be recognized, to be seen, to be heard. How often do we see and are blind or hear and are deaf to one another?   In the movie, Avatar, they greet each other by saying, “I … Continue reading

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Word Power

Words are powerful. Words lead to thoughts. Thoughts lead to beliefs. Beliefs are the way you live your life. To live a happier life, deliberately choose your words to create your thoughts to change your beliefs. – Gretchen Marie I … Continue reading

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Courage of a Daffodil

As I sit here wondering what words of wisdom will spill forth, I am listening to the rain.  I love listening to the rain even if it is gray and gloomy, it fills my heart with peace. Have you ever … Continue reading

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I am the Universe

Our true self is expressed in the ancient Sanskrit sutra aham brahmasmi (pronounced ah-HUM brah-MAHS-mee), which means “I am the universe.” When we can accept that we are the universe, we can transcend any limiting belief and any emotional turbulence. … Continue reading

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Clearing the Cobwebs of My Mind – 3 Years in the Making

I will be doing spring cleaning this year, not only my house and yard, but my head as well. I have a lot of cobwebs and debris up there. It has been 3 years since my husband died. I think this … Continue reading

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Who are you really?

You go through much of your life thinking you are this particular person. Your parents, siblings, schools, peers, jobs, friends and spouse have shaped you into who you are today. You are different today than you were yesterday. You will … Continue reading

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