Raising A Child’s Awareness

Our thoughts affect how we feel. Once we become consciously aware of this fact, we can take deliberate action to change our thoughts so that we can feel better.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, very few adults even know this. In fact, despite our overwhelming desire to be happy, a vast quantity of us have absolutely no idea how to go about making that happen. Now, with our guidebook, we begin at the beginning, crafting a novel approach that teaches children the skills they need for a lifetime of happiness so that from now through adulthood they will have the tools they need for a positive, joyful life.

We turned positive techniques into simple games to be played for five to ten minutes before the start of class. By helping children settle down, relieve stress, and focus on their studies, the games also give them understanding and provide awareness of the direct link between their thoughts and their feelings. In turn, they learn that the power to deliberately change their negative emotions into a positive outlook rests within themselves.

PP Native Cover.4007584_Front CoverProviding techniques that are easy to learn and fun to do, we give children of all ages—even adults—the tools they need to change their thoughts and feelings right now to change their lives for the better. Full of lessons on self-empowerment and positivity, our transformation of law of attraction and education theories and practices is nothing short of astounding. An extremely important book for child, teacher, and parent alike, Raising A Child’s Awareness: A Guide to Happier, Empowered Children is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring and implementing lifelong lessons in happiness and personal power.

 Benefits of using these positive techniques:

  • Helps maintain focus and keeps children in the present moment.
  • Promotes awareness of thoughts and feelings.
  • Encourages understanding of emotions and reactions.
  • Increases the ability to make better choices and to response to difficulties.
  • Provides tools for successful choices.
  • Teaches skills that can be used in all situations.
  • Promotes a peaceful, calmer and kinder learning environment. 
  • Helps to eliminate bullying / aggression.
  • Increases empathy, compassion and resolution of peer conflicts. 
  • Reduces anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Works with children who are autistic or have other special needs.

For more information, visit Raising A Child’s Awareness website.

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