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gf-1e_ppI’m Gretchen Marie Fox, and I can give you the tools to live life to the fullest. As an Intuitive, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practitioner and certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, I help people just like you break through what’s holding them back and move forward with peace and joy.

I view myself as a practical person, one who loves to learn about everything, even about myself, processing it and then storing all that I learned.  I never knew what I was going to do with all that information.  I just kept stuffing my head and heart.

I went through most of my life taking the expected path. You know the one – go to school, find a job, get married, have children, keep working, all to make ends meet.  Love, laugh, fight, make-up and do it over again. As the years rolled by, I was known as someone’s wife or mom, but not as Gretchen. I had lost my identity without even realizing it.

Then something happened while I let life pass me by.  Family members and friends started to leave this earth, among them, my husband of 31 years. When he died, I struggled with, “Who am I now?”  I felt like I had died with my husband. I was too scared to move in any direction.

It was not easy working through my grief, my anger, my fear and my pain. I often felt alone. I felt hurt. I felt lost. Beneath all of that, I still felt like I was living in a rut. I really wanted to heal. I wanted to learn to live again and I wanted to be happy.

One day all that information I had learned and packed away finally surfaced and my life’s journey took a turn and led me down a completely different path. I started to connect with and follow my inner, Divine Guidance. The more aware and intuitive I became, I re-discovered my love for nature and the deep connection I have with the Earth.  I found joy, calm, and comfort in my life. I realized I could help not only people, but nature as well to heal from turmoil and conflict.

People started coming to me for help to find that same peace and harmony in their own lives.  As I tuned into their challenges and issues, I was guided to look at the buildings they lived or worked in and the land beneath them.  I started not only clear my clients of their discordant and negative energies, but where they lived or worked and especially the land those structures sat on. Energy is found everywhere and objects, buildings, land, can hold on to that energy. Clearing it all helped in providing my clients with a sense of joy and freedom.

Along my journey, I have also discovered the importance of teaching children to take responsibility for their own thoughts and feelings, empowering them to live a happier life. My book, Raising A Child’s Awareness, inspires both children and adults to approach life with a sense of calm and focus that’s missing in our frenetic world.

I’m also a Contributing Author in the book, Heart to Heart: A Path to Wellness.

As we work together, you will learn to re-discover your true self and find joy in your life. Learn more about working with me here.

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