Why Mother Nature?

Have you ever wondered why we call nature, Mother Nature? Why isn’t it Father Nature, Sister Nature or Brother Nature?  Why Mother?

I have loved nature my entire life. It is in my blood so to speak. I love everything about it – the mountains, oceans and forests, the wind, rain and snow, the birds, animals and fish, the sun, moon and stars…. Everything! I find such peace and unconditional love when I am in nature.  Whenever I am upset or stressed out, I take a walk.  I find, after awhile, I am not so upset or stressed out. Nature calms me. In fact, nature has a calming effect on everyone who takes the time to enjoy her beauty.

So why do we call Nature, Mother?

I have a theory about this. To me, a mother is someone who comforts and soothes you when you are upset. A mother instills calm when you are angry or hurt. A mother is the one who dries away your tears, supports you in all you do, gives you life, hope and love. A mother is the one who patiently and quietly takes all your crap: the good, the bad and the ugly. A mother is always ready to give you a hug.

Nature is really like a mother.  She is always there to support and provide for us through her life-giving abundance. Nature takes ALL our crap. No questions asked. However, like a human mother, I do believe Nature does make her powerful presence known. The storms, the tornados, the hurricanes and the earthquakes, let us know that Mother Nature is alive and kickin’.  Like our own mothers, Nature deserves our respect. After all, without her, we would not exist.

Take some time to enjoy and appreciate the nature around you. Drinking in her beauty, will refresh your soul.  Listening to the waves on a beach, the song of a bird or the wind in the leaves can send you to a place of peace in a heart beat. Watching the sun rise or the sun set, can invoke a sense of wonder and oneness.

Mother Nature is here for all of us. Please be kind to her.

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Anniversary of Our Trip West

On this day, 35 years ago, my late husband, Howard, our friend, Denny and I set out for the wild west. We were so young and free! It was to be a trip of a life time – traveling and camping throughout this great country of ours.

Howard and Denny were living in Cincinnati at the time and I was in Cleveland. So they took a small detour to come and pick me up. We didn’t travel far that first day making it only to a campground in Indiana.

The first few days were a blur. We wanted to get to the Black Hills as quickly as possible. Once there, we spent a few days catching our breath and drinking in the land. It was beautiful, peaceful!

We spent the next couple of months zigzagging across the United States visiting some of the most wonderful, untouched lands that existed years ago. We had such a great time! And we even got long well – most of the time.  You learn a lot about someone when you are driving hours on end, sharing a small tent and letting go of your defenses. You learn a lot about yourself too.

We almost lost Howard when he was fishing and fell into Slough Creek. Denny got sick and went bonkers (so did I) when Howard wanted us to camp in the snow.  Howard and I had been talking about living together, but our relationship almost ended in the Big Horn Mountains over a Christmas tree.

No matter what the three of us went through together on that trip, we always look back at it with fond memories. Memories that are now 35 years old.  I can’t believe how much time has slipped by me.

Wasn’t it just last night that grizzly bear was banging on the side of our tent?

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Do you remember when you were first kissed?   I don’t mean your first romantic kiss, but the first time someone ever kissed you. It could have been from your mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle or the little girl or boy from next door.  More than likely you were very young and memories were just forming. Do you remember if the kiss made you feel like you were special and loved very much? Did it make you feel wanted, warm and happy? Do you remember the look in their eyes reflecting back the love?

I don’t remember the first time I was ever kissed. But I do remember the first time the look in someone’s eyes as they looked into mine was so completely different than I had ever experienced before in my life. I had never seen so much love and realized that it was the love I held for myself that was being reflected back to me.  The intense look was followed by a kiss.

The sun makes me feel as though I am being kissed by God. It is warm, bright and powerful.  Like the sun, God shines on us unconditionally filling us with hope, light, life and love.

May you be kissed each day with all the love that you are.

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Who are you really?

You go through much of your life thinking you are this particular person. Your parents, siblings, schools, peers, jobs, friends and spouse have shaped you into who you are today. You are different today than you were yesterday. You will be different tomorrow.

But who are you really?

Did you have fantastic dreams when you were younger? Do you have fantastic dreams today? Are you smart, funny or full of life? Are you thoughtful, quiet or  full of love? Are you grateful for all you have? Are you sad, lonely or fearful? What is your day like? Do you get up with a smile on your face or do you dread what might lay ahead?

Do you know that the choice is yours every moment of every day as to who you are or want to be?

It has taken me a lifetime to learn that lesson. I am who I want to be. I found the most difficult thing I did was to throw away all the padding I received from everyone in my life. Standing naked with yourself is very exciting and scary. Learning to love and appreciate yourself, just because you deserve it, is not always as easy as it seems. You are what you think.

The choice is only yours. Who are you – really?

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The Whispers Within

I have lost many family members over the years. Sometimes the person I miss the most is my dad.  I come from a large family and not only was I the first girl, after 3 boys, I was born smack in the middle of the ‘pack’. To my understanding, my father named me – meaning the first girl was to be called Gretchen.  I remember growing up and wanting very much to be close to my dad. It always seemed to me that the boys came first.  After my mother died, Dad stayed around for several years, but it wasn’t until his last year of life that I finally felt close to him.  I only wish there had been more time.

My mother-in-law found the following piece by Glenda Batzer.  Reading Glenda’s The Whispers Within, I feel that close connection to my dad and take comfort knowing he is one of my ‘little voices’.

So often in our lives we are visited by “little voices” – voices which help guide us in the choices we make and, sometimes, in the paths we take. These voices are part of our subconscious, a layer of our psyche that fashions who and what we are. They are as much a part of us as our skin. We trust that our own “little voice” will not let us down in times of uncertainty or trouble.

I have a theory about my “little voice”. I believe that when the people with whom you are closest leave this world and go to their final reward, they become part of your “little voice”.

I can still hear my grandmother Virginia telling me a story during a summer rainstorm to comfort me. I still hear her gentle yet strong courage. She is part of my little voice.

I remember my brother Raymond, who always knew when the ice-cream truck would appear on our street. He would take my by the hand to the corner to wait for that truck full of delicious treats, my five cents clutched tightly in my other hand. Raymond would always tell me what ice cream to choose. His part of my little voice.

I remember my father-in-law Allan, with whom I had long philosophical discussions, out by the barbecue over many a glass of white wine. Dad treated me with dignity and respect as though I was his own flesh and blood. His is part of my little voice.

My “little voice” is the quiet whispers of past generations that I carry with me. Some I have known, but many I have not. They create a link to my past and keep the memories of those I cherish alive in my heart.

May these quiet whispers continue to be a beautiful and lasting voice within me, and may I someday become that little voice for my children and future generations of my family. 

– Glenda Batzer

Who are your “little voices” that help and guide you in this life?

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Memorial Day, 2011

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day. For many it signifies the ending of school and to others the ‘official’ beginning of summer. For most,  it is a time to remember all who have given their lives in service to this country. For me, it is to take the annual trip to Buffalo, NY to visit my parents grave sites with my sister and a couple of my brothers.  My Mom has been gone 10 years now and my Dad, 4 years.  Both served in the armed forces during World War II.  My Dad was at Pearl Harbor that fateful day and later was stationed in Alaska.  My Mom was an Army nurse who stood for hours in the operation rooms in Europe helping to save the young men there.

But that was not who they were. As we traveled to Buffalo, my brother and I were talking about our childhood. We both agreed we had a great childhood and were blessed.  We didn’t have much in the way of stuff as we were growing up, but we did have a true sense of family.  As my parents struggled to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, we kids, found ourselves learning to do things on our own. Of course, Dad would definitely let us know when we did something really stupid.

I learned to be independent, creative and to love nature, mainly because Mom ‘kicked’ us outside to play all the time. I learned the value of working for what I wanted in life, giving back, being part of a community and being open to all experiences and people. All this from parents who didn’t have the need to micro manage us.

As this Memorial Day comes upon us, not only am I grateful to all who have served to make this country free, I am grateful to my parents who laid the foundation of who I am today. I really miss them.


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Welcome to My Home!

Welcome to the first blog of Your Inspired Heart! As the name indicates, I hope to inspire you as you take your journey through this life. There is much I have to offer you to help make your path a little smoother.

I hope to inspire, nourish and excite your soul through various resources such as blogs, articles, books and links to helpful websites. Through life coaching sessions, we can work together, so your life can become a little easier, more joyful and loved filled.

I’m excited to share with you all that I have learned along the way. But more importantly, I am looking forward to hearing about your life’s lessons, triumphs and ‘aha’ moments.  For I believe we grow stronger as we grow together.

I wish to acknowledge and thank the following people who have helped to make this dream a reality:

Steve Howard, swhoward design, who through his expertise, this website saw the light of day. My friend, Jan, whose artistic eyes helped me to create my phoenix and heart logo. My sisters, Mary and Gail, and my cousin, Lisa, whose critical, loving input helped me to refine my content and find my voice.

I am grateful and blessed for your support. You will be the one to breathe life into Your Inspired Heart.

Please take a look around my website. I welcome your comments and insights.

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