Rain on the 4th of July

IMG_3586It is raining and I love the rain! It is the 4th of July and in this country, it is one of celebration for our freedom and independence. Many lives over the centuries have been sacrificed for what we have today and for that, I am truly grateful. Yet, the only life I think of on this day is my Dad. Six years ago, he died on the 4th of July. Then I think of all the other loved ones I have lost over the years.

I struggle with where I am at and where I want to be in my life. I seem to have difficulty letting go of the past in many ways. It isn’t just about letting go of the loved ones who have departed, but letting go of the people I have loved in my life who have disappeared, but are still alive.

Letting go. This seems to be the theme of my thoughts lately. Letting go and trusting. This sounds a lot easier than doing it. Letting go and waking up to a new life filled with hope, optimism, adventure, love and abundance. There certainly is an abundance of rain today! While I sit here listening to the rain, contemplating my life, I know that there are may celebrations that will be washed out today and many people disappointed and/or angry because of the rain.

Ventura, CAI realize it is how we look at the rain is the way we look at our lives. We can be grateful for what we have or we can curse the day we were born. It really is  up to us what we think and how we let our thoughts affect our emotions. So I have decided, while listening to the rain is evoking sad thoughts, I choose to be grateful for the rain. The rain is nourishing the earth, watering the trees, grass and flowers so I don’t have to. It is filling our lakes and rivers with water to drink and to cleanse ourselves as well as all the birds and animals. The sound of the rain is soothing to my soul and reminding me of times as a child I played in the warm, summer rain. What fun!

So here is to all who are celebrating this 4th of July in 2013. May your day be as bright and sunny as your thoughts!

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