Word Power

Words are powerful. Words lead to thoughts. Thoughts lead to beliefs. Beliefs are the way you live your life. To live a happier life, deliberately choose your words to create your thoughts to change your beliefs. – Gretchen Marie

I have a mentor who is from another country and English is not her first language. This mentor has stressed to me many times to watch my words. She looks up every word in the dictionary before she uses it to find and understand the meaning behind the word. Because of her guidance, I find myself checking the meaning of my words and how I use them. My mentor listens to what I say and tells me to question my words. I told her, “I’ll try.” She tells me to throw out the word ‘try’. 

Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. – Yoda, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Trying puts you in a state of non-action. You can do something or not do something, but have you noticed once you say you will try, it really goes no where. You let it go. Such is the power of a single word. 

Now take words and string them into a thought. Once you formulate a thought and start to focus on that thought, how long do you think it becomes a belief? Perhaps not as long as you may think. That belief vibrates throughout your very being. Does this belief serve you in anyway? Is it harmful or helpful to your life? What is your belief about the world around you? Is it a good place or is it a bad place? Do you even know what thoughts lead you to that belief? Maybe not, but the power of well chosen words can change your thoughts. Your new thoughts will become new beliefs.  

If you choose the word gratitude, you may think about all you have, the people you know and your uniqueness. You begin to express gratitude for it all.  These focused thoughts of gratitude lead to the belief that your life is good. Guess what, your life is now good! 

Watch your words! Deliberately changing your words to create positive thoughts leads to a new belief that will change your life. It is really that simple and that powerful!

Choose your words wisely, madame, for they may be your last.  – Queen Marie, EverAfter

What words will you choose to live the life you desire?

Live, Love, Laugh!

Gretchen Marie

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4 Responses to Word Power

  1. Love this Gretchen, thanks. Words are really powerful. I especially like when I find myself saying something on autopilot and then I hear what I said and immediately see it and say, “Wait a minute, I totally didn’t mean that!” Great info, really something to pay attention to.

  2. Donna says:

    Why did it take me so long to recognize and understand the power of words! Such a valuable lesson. Not only how you use them with others, but even more so when you talk to yourself. Such a gift to learn the power of words at an early age! Amen!

  3. Maxine says:

    Great post Gretchen 🙂

    I choose to say that my life is great, and it is !

  4. Charlotte says:

    How very true! Since moving abroad and comunicating in another language I often have to completely reform sentances just because I don’t know one word. Then I think, did the new sentance actually convey what I meant.
    We take words for granted and as you said, if we choose the right words, amazing things will happen!

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