I am the Universe

Our true self is expressed in the ancient Sanskrit sutra aham brahmasmi (pronounced ah-HUM brah-MAHS-mee), which means “I am the universe.” When we can accept that we are the universe, we can transcend any limiting belief and any emotional turbulence.  (Chopra Center) 

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After reading Linda Armstrong’s blog on meditation , I realized that I, too, have been taking a meditation journey. 

I am taking another 21 Day Meditation Challenge Mind-Body Odyssey through the Chopra Center as well as Christy Whitman’s 40 day Abundance meditation course. Interestingly both meditations seem to be in sync with one another and very timely in my life. 

I wake up each morning with gratitude in my heart for being alive another day, but then my mind starts to kick in. What am I going to do with the rest of my life? What do I want to do?  The meditations are all around abundance yet my mind screams lack! Mostly lack of money as I work toward figuring out how I will earn an income to not only sustain me, but to really live my life for the next 100 years. I know I will be very, very, very old when I decide to leave this earth. Since I only have me to rely on, at least for the moment, I keep wondering and wandering in the different directions to take my life.  I am totally free. This concept is, for me, hard to grasp. I have always been someone’s daughter, sister, wife or mother. To realize that I have the power and freedom to be whatever I want, I find viewing all the choices can be overwhelming at times for me. My intention with meditation is to find the direction and focus I seek. But I must admit, I am still getting the hang of it. Too many times I just can’t seem to shut my head up! 

It doesn’t stop me though. Each day after I wake up, I spend an hour or so with the Abundance meditation, writing and reflecting. Than each night before I go to sleep, I listen to the 21 day meditation challenge. These times are fast becoming my favorite parts of the day. I am grateful to have the time and freedom to do this. 

What I have I learned so far? I have learned that I am the universe. I have learned that the power comes from the Spirit within me, my unlimited Source of abundance. I have learned that I need to be aware of the flow of the Creative Energy. I have learned that abundance is not only about money. Abundance is about everything, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the love we share. It is about the trees, the mountains, the wildlife. It is about the grains of sand that make up the beach, the water droplets that create the oceans as well as the stars that light up the night sky.  Abundance is everywhere around us and within us. 

All the time, money, energy and love, I need to live a beautiful, meaningful, abundant and happy life is continuously flowing to me, through me and around me.  (excerpt from Christy Whitman – Declaration of Abundance)  

My heart knows all this to be true without a doubt, but does my mind believe? To be honest, no, not completely. My mind is forever questioning, searching and holding onto useless, limiting beliefs. In Linda’s blog, she was given the advice to “Relax and let it in.”  I think there is more to it. I need to relax and let it go, before I can relax and let it in.  Meditation does take practice and time. I just need to simply remember: 

aham brahmasmi – I am the Universe

Live, Love, Laugh!


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7 Responses to I am the Universe

  1. Gretchen, this post was amazing. It was so authentic. I have also been doing the 21 day Meditation challenge. Great work and I know you are on a very good path, a very, very long, good path! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nicole Stone says:

    I agree with Kathie that I love the part where you said I am free. Being free is so wonderful yet scary at the same time. I am learning to feel the power in that. Loving your blog!

  3. Kathie Thaw says:

    The part that really touched me was the part when you said “I am free”. We are all free, but we don’t know it sometimes 🙂

  4. Charlotte says:

    Great post, well done;
    I wish you well in your journey, you are changing a life time of thoughts and habits and the subconscious will do it’s best to keep things as they are and fill you with doubts and insecurities. Remember to celebrate the small steps and achievements on the way and enjoy your journey.

  5. Well Gretchen as you know… a belief is just a thought you keep thinking! Thank God for that one. I love your post!

    I too, am doing the 40 Day Abundance Course and loving it. I’m really starting to own the thought that I am connected to the abundance of this Universe, I AM connected to it, that connection is all I need in order to know and feel and allow the abundance of what ever I want to come.

    I am so happy to have included Meditation in my life, we come to it when we are ready, but I can’t help but wish I had come to it sooner. It is really the key to living a full life, that and Appreciation and Gratitude.

  6. Great blog Gretchen! I’m totally on board with you – it’s a process, not a destination. Thank you for helping us all be comfortable that it takes practice, practice, practice! I’m enjoying getting to know you and love the authenticity you bring to the page. Keep on keeping on my friend! Love you!

  7. Maxine says:

    Love it Gretchen.
    I’m doing the same meditations, and I understand what you’re saying. When we are used to being in control, or thinking we’re in control of our lives, it is really difficult to let it go. All we can do is keep on trying, and trusting.
    Well done on another great post.

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