I Am Blind

I recently watched a short video that really hit me hard. I have always known that the words we say or don’t say can be healing or harming, loving or mean, neutral or inspiring, but I never realized how powerful they are when you just use different words to say the same thing. 

In the video (see below), a blind man asks for help using a sign that indicates to everyone he is blind. Many walk by, but few actually ‘see’ him and his blight. Until one caring woman changes the words on the sign. Suddenly, he is now ‘seen’ and many offer their assistance by tossing him coins. What made the difference?  He is the same blind man sitting on a flattened, cardboard box asking for monetary help. They are the same people who have passed him day after day, but suddenly they notice him. Why? The words on his sign had changed. The sign still indicated that he was blind, but it was worded differently.

How often do we go through our day and not ‘see’ the words we speak to each other. What if we took a moment and changed our words to say the same thing, but in a kinder, gentler and inspiring way? Can you imagine the hearts that would open and shine? I can.

Life is short and every day seems to speed by faster than the day before. Yet, there is still an eternity to make a difference. Think about changing the words, “I am blind. Please help” to “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.”

You have the power within you to heal and inspire.  Use it.


Live! Love! Laugh!


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