2012 – A New Year and A New Beginning

I use to program computers for a living a long time ago in another life. I remember how we scrambled to change the two digit year in all the programs because the year 2000 was upon us. There would have been some serious problems to major systems, if thousands of programmers, like me, had not expanded the field to a four digit year. I remember how many of us were keeping watch that New Year’s Eve to ensure that everything went smoothly as the clock ticked down to the year 2000. Basically, it went off with a few minor problems and everyone wondered, “So, what was the big deal?” What they didn’t know or realize was that without the planning, research and long hours of those programmers, the world would have been in “deep shit.”

Why do I bring it up now? For two reasons. First, I am amazed that it has been almost 12 years since that momentous New Year’s Eve. Second, the concern that many are holding for this new year. 2012 marks the end of the Mayan Calendar.

The speculation of what will happen this year is as varied as there are people on this earth. Depending upon who you talk to, the emotions range from fear to joy. Fear that it is the end of the physical world. Joy that it is the beginning of a new, enlightened world. I believe it will be a time of great changes. Changes not only to the people of the earth, but to the earth itself.

I am looking forward to the changes. This is the year I show up as a willing, joyful player in life. All the signs are pointing in that direction for me. This year will be what I make of it. It is a clean slate, never been written on and the possibilities are endless!

It will be a year that people will look for and receive a great healing in their lives. It will be a year that Nature will ensure that we notice her and the earth will also heal. Families, communities and tribes will come together for a common cause called love. Peace will exist where it never existed before not only within nations, but within our hearts as well.

Yes, this year will be what you decide to make it. It will come and go just as swiftly as the year 2000 did. Will you pass this year in fear or will you fill it with love, hope, health and abundance? I choose love.

What do you choose?

It is a world of possibilities. All you need to do is believe in the best and it will be yours.


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