Clear As Mud

I have been traveling the last several weeks. I went to visit my sister in California, celebrated with my daughter on her 25th birthday in Key West and reunited with my cousins and sisters in Canada. My focus on my business and on dating has been put aside. I find that I am lacking clarity.

Clarity – the quality of being certain or definite.

It is hard to focus on something that you are not clear about.  So I wonder, how do I find the clarity I need to move forward?

As I look out my window on this crisp, autumn day, I see the blue sky kissed by passing white clouds. The trees are dressed in their finest red, green, orange and gold leaves. The wind caresses my hair and moves on. I hear the birds and squirrels carrying on their daily conversations. It is all so clear.

Why can’t my mind be as clear as this gorgeous day?

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  1. Steve Howard says:

    This is another great article. Thank you!

  2. Cheryl says:

    “spent lots of time to search, findally i get it, useful finfo me for me!”

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