Uncle Pete

My Uncle Pete passed away earlier this week. He was the last of my father’s brothers and well into his 80’s. He had lived a full life. My Aunt Mary Ann is the now the only one left of my aunts and uncles on the Goergen side of the family. Both my parents are gone.

I come from a very large family. There were 22 aunts and uncles. I have 35 first cousins and who knows how many first cousins once removed or second cousins I have. Some of my cousins are also gone, leaving this life at a young age.

My Uncle Pete was a doctor, a general practitioner. He had a heart of gold and the Goergen sarcastic sense of humor. Definition of Goergen sense of humor: a battle of the wits, verbal volleyball. It is always a challenge, but great fun.  I was 16 when his first wife died. I spent a summer or two taking care of his 6 children and getting to know my uncle. He fast became one of my favorite people. Over the years, I rarely saw or spoke to him. Yet, when I did see him, I felt that special bond we had from a time gone by. I am grateful to have spent time with him last year. I will miss him.

So it goes. We move through this life at very fast pace. How often do we mean to reconnect with family members only to realize it is now too late?

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  1. Denny Riedmiller says:

    Yes. The Riedmiller family decided three years ago to offer an annual mini-reunion. We got tired of our extended family getting together only when people died. Funerals with open coffins is not fun. We have had a fun time and would encourage your readers to do the same.

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