Why Mother Nature?

Have you ever wondered why we call nature, Mother Nature? Why isn’t it Father Nature, Sister Nature or Brother Nature?  Why Mother?

I have loved nature my entire life. It is in my blood so to speak. I love everything about it – the mountains, oceans and forests, the wind, rain and snow, the birds, animals and fish, the sun, moon and stars…. Everything! I find such peace and unconditional love when I am in nature.  Whenever I am upset or stressed out, I take a walk.  I find, after awhile, I am not so upset or stressed out. Nature calms me. In fact, nature has a calming effect on everyone who takes the time to enjoy her beauty.

So why do we call Nature, Mother?

I have a theory about this. To me, a mother is someone who comforts and soothes you when you are upset. A mother instills calm when you are angry or hurt. A mother is the one who dries away your tears, supports you in all you do, gives you life, hope and love. A mother is the one who patiently and quietly takes all your crap: the good, the bad and the ugly. A mother is always ready to give you a hug.

Nature is really like a mother.  She is always there to support and provide for us through her life-giving abundance. Nature takes ALL our crap. No questions asked. However, like a human mother, I do believe Nature does make her powerful presence known. The storms, the tornados, the hurricanes and the earthquakes, let us know that Mother Nature is alive and kickin’.  Like our own mothers, Nature deserves our respect. After all, without her, we would not exist.

Take some time to enjoy and appreciate the nature around you. Drinking in her beauty, will refresh your soul.  Listening to the waves on a beach, the song of a bird or the wind in the leaves can send you to a place of peace in a heart beat. Watching the sun rise or the sun set, can invoke a sense of wonder and oneness.

Mother Nature is here for all of us. Please be kind to her.

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